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  1. Hello Holotable Heroes,

    Players have reached out to the team about the Bad Batch performance against Bo-Katan (Mand'alor) and we will investigate to see if the matchup is greater than we intended. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
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  3. Hello Holotable Heroes,

    Our team is aware of certain issues folks are experiencing with the Guild Gifting feature and are investigating.

    We will keep folks up to date as we know more.
  4. Hello Holotable Heroes,

    We are aware of an issue with Tiers 4, 5, and 6 of Sith Eternal Emperor's Galactic Legend Journey where his Ultimate ability is not being unlocked for players who have not unlocked it yet, as the Strategy Tips states.

    The team is investigating and we will keep you posted when we have an update.
  5. Hello Heroes of the Holotable,

    The team is aware of an issue with the below pack, it has been removed from the store and the team is actively investigating solutions.


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