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  1. Hello Holotable heroes,

    We have released a server fix to grant players level 84 and below the items we mentioned in the New Player Experience.
  2. Hello Holotable Heroes,

    The Team is deploying a hotfix to correct the current issue in GC.

    We apologize for the inconvenience, you should be good to go now.

    If you run into any other issues, please submit them to Answers HQ
  3. Hello Holotable Heroes,

    Here are the items being fixed in today’s Hotfix:

    1) Hard Conquest Sector 3 Keycards from 5 to 10
    2) We are putting back the maximum level requirement on quests from yesterday's Update. If you already have quests active on your account, they will not be removed.

    After the hotfix, players will no longer have quests granted to them upon logging in.

    However, some players will still get some quests that fit the following criteria:
    • The quest was not previously completed,
    • AND the quest's max level requirement is equal or higher than the player's current level,
    • AND all other requirements of that quest are satisfied.
  4. Hi Holotable Heroes,

    Here are the notes for today’s update

    • Master Qui-Gon Event! {Hotfix coming to adjust go live time}
    • Padawan Obi Wan Reheat for those who didn’t get him the first time
    • Gungan Boomadier is now farmable on Light Side 6-A Hard, they replace Juhani, who will be available now in Galactic War Shipments

    • GENERAL - Fixed an issue where the Jar Jar's locked ability text was incorrect
    • GENERAL - Fixed an issue where Fulcrum wasn't able to target the Shield Generator
    • GENERAL - Fixed a bug where the Cornered Modifier would allow a Rebel to assist multiple times
    • GENERAL - Fixed an issue where Savage wasn't dispelling Ferocity
    • GENERAL - Corrected an issue where the Eleventh Hour modifier for the Mandalore Bonus Zone didn't specify that it excluded defeated summoned allies
    • GENERAL - Fixed a bug where the random damage on Jar Jar's Wesa Warriors would not apply.
    • GENERAL - Fixed a bug where Rey's ultimate would not deal damage to the Rancor Door Panel.
    • GENERAL - BAM swapped out for Greef Karga in the Territory Battle Kashyyyk platoons
    • DATACRON - Fixed an issue with the Gungan faction modifier where at level 6 it can cause multiple counter-attacks
  5. Hi Holotable Heroes,

    Here are the notes for today’s update

    • GENERAL - Fixed a bug where under certain circumstances GL Leia could gain Second Wind more than once.
    • GENERAL - Fixed an issue where Maul's Unique ability description in the Jar Jar event was incorrect
    • GENERAL - Corrected an issue in which the Health and Protection overhead display and ability icons did not appear for the Krayt Dragon on the Mandalore Bonus Zone gating mission
    • GENERAL - Updated Upgrade tier for Jar Jar Binks' unique to be consistent with the ability description
    • GENERAL - Fixed an issue where Jar Jar's Special 2 would allow Offense and Speed Down to stack with the undispellable versions
    • GENERAL - Fixed an issue where sometimes the blue box in Conquest would attack (WHATS IN THE BOX)
    • GENERAL - Fixed an issue where Leviathan would sometimes not stun an enemy when reinforcing an allied ship

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