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  2. If you have time, we'd love for you to fill this out, thank you!

  3. Why did you make a GC Omicron, what is the design goal?
    We wanted to try something new! This is a more niche omicron and targeted to players that might want some extra oomph with GCs. With five Gungans we wanted to try and give each one an Omicron that affects a different game mode, and in the lifetime of Omicrons we’d only explored four modes, up until now.
    Will this make GC’s harder now that you’ve attached an Omicron to it?
    GCs inherently vary in difficulty, the intent of this Omicron is to make a Gungan squad a viable alternative to completing feats that are difficult for your roster to accomplish otherwise.
    Will there be Gungan Feats in GCs?
    Yes, like other Factions and teams, Gungans will also receive their own GC moments

    Will there be another Gungan or this be the last ?
    This is the last of the marquee Gungan characters. The remaining character to complete this squad is Jar Jar Binks who can be obtained through his Legendary Journey Guide event.

    "Whenever Phalanx is not damaged by an enemy", what does that even mean? Does this trigger every turn? Every enemy turn? Every time an ally is damaged?
    When an enemy completes their turn and does not damage Phalanx.

    Is the protection disruption looking leia mechanics? Or is that a different thing?
    Protection Disruption is the debuff inflicted by Boba Fett, Scion of Jango for example. Leia’s Ambush disables Protection but that is not what is covered by this immunity.
    Why shield instead of protection up? What’s the difference?
    Protection Up uses Max Health as the statistic to pull from to create the temporary shield (show of hands, who didn’t know?). So for example, Protection Up (25%) creates a temporary shield based on 25% of the character’s Max Health. Shield Up uses Max Protection as the statistic. So, Shield Up (25%) creates a temporary shield based on 25% of the character’s Max Protection. With Gungans having such a small health pool we wanted to create a buff that aligned more with their statistical profile. Shield Up is treated like a buff similar to Protection Up so it can be dispelled and prevented.
    Is This A Made Up Gungan?
    The Grand Gungan Army is primarily made up of Militiagung, a generic term covering all sorts of specialized Gungan soldiers. For the purposes of creating a 5-person squad we broke the Militiagung into two different specialized units, the Booma-tossing Boomadier and the shield-bearing Phalanx.
    How did you decide on the ability names?
    We pretty much had the idea on what the abilities should do and look like, so in the end it was only the matter of how a Gungan would call those actions out

    When is "Phalanx is not damaged by an enemy" checked? Every time an enemy attacks? Including assists/counters? What about mass assists, is it checked for each individual character assisting?
    It is checked at the end of an enemy’s turn. If they take their turn and do not damage Phalanx then Phalanx will assist on the next other Gungan ally’s turn (along with the other benefits).

    Can we get a teaser for how Jar Jar will add to the squad?

  4. Hi Holotable Heroes!

    We are thrilled to announce the team is working on a stand-alone PC Client for Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes!


    Our goal with the PC Client is to give players more ways to enjoy their time on the Holotable in a seamless cross-platform experience. This will allow you to play between handheld and desktop without missing a single beat. Some initial benefits of the PC Client is the support for many native PC features such as specific resolutions, keyboard and mouse support, better framerate, antialiasing and other PC quality of life changes. The core gameplay experience of Galaxy of Heroes remains unchanged with the PC Client.

    Once we are ready to showcase the client, we will be hosting a Closed Beta, which we are aiming to release later this year. For the opportunity to participate in the Closed Beta, you will need to sign up on our Closed Beta Registration Page and link your EA App to your EA Account.


    Players will need the EA App to access the Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes Closed Beta. We will be inviting players from the signups who have their EA accounts linked to the EA App to participate in this Closed Beta. Instructions on how to set up your account, download the EA App, and link it to your EA Account can be found below:

    The team is excited and looks forward to creating a rich and unique PC gaming experience, allowing you to play Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes the way you want to play. Starting today, players can head to the Closed Beta Registration Page to sign up. You will receive an invitation email from the Galaxy of Heroes team if you are selected. Stay up to date on the latest Closed Beta developments and other news through our forums and website by signing up for the newsletter!

    See you on the Holotable!

    Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes Development Team
  5. Original Article of new forums announcement Here

    Key takeaway for this reminder:
    Any content posted on the SWGOH forums on and after April 5, 2024 will NOT be migrated over to the new EA forums.

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