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  1. Earlier this year we told you we were hard at work on building a new space for you to hang out and talk about your favorite games. We’re thrilled to announce that it’s finally time to show you what we’ve been cooking up!

    Come check out the new EA Forums at this link:

    Currently you’ll only be able to access the English boards for The Sims, Command & Conquer, STAR WARS™: Galaxy Of Heroes, and The Simpsons: Tapped Out. We are still working on the boards for our other games, as well as for languages other than English. In the meantime, we’d love to hear what you think of what we have so far!

    Please keep in mind that we are still working out some quirks with the forums, but if you run into any problems let us know!

    You’ll be able to log into the new EA Forums using the same EA Account info you’ve been using for Answers HQ. Check out this Guide for more info on how to use the new forums.

    We’re so excited to finally join you on the new EA Forums! We’re eager to hear your thoughts, so please let us know what you think in the Forum Launch Questions & Feedback board.

  2. Hello Holotable Heroes,

    The team has identified an audio issue with a small amount of iOS devices that is causing the game to crash during the Battle for Naboo.

    This issue will be fixed in an upcoming update.

    The temporary workaround is to disable audio through the in-game settings.

    NOTE: This is not turning down your audio on device, this is disabling audio in your SWGOH settings.
  3. Hi Holotable Heroes,

    The team is aware of and investigating an issue where Naboo raid attempts may end early, resulting in a victory screen before reaching max score. There is also potentially a crash impacting a small number of players that may be mitigated by muting the audio in settings.

    If you run into these issues, any information you can provide us such as your ally code, when you hit the issue, if you used auto at all, and any other relevant information would be helpful.

    As a potential workaround try closing your game, clearing its cache, and restarting your device.

    We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience while we work on this.
  4. HHH,

    Aug 5 - 12
  5. Hello Holotable Heroes!

    We have some information regarding Duel of Fates Assault Battle and Jedi Knight Cal Kestis!
    • DoF AB will be coming back July 24th
    • Cal Kestis' Event will be going PERMENENT in the Journey Guide on July 18th
    • Starting in August, DOF AB will return on the 3rd Wednesday of each month

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