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  1. Hello Holotable Heroes,

    We are investigating a bug causing first time rewards to become blocked if you fail or retreat during your first attempt. Rather than pulling the event midway through, we are going to let it run its course in order to prevent additional issues.

    We will provide an update early next week to keep you informed about this issue.
  2. Hello Holotable Heroes,

    We ran into some technical issues yesterday when sending out the make good related to last weekend’s Territory Battle. Also, to clear up confusion, if you are a player in an affected guild you will be receiving rewards as well. This is a guild-wide distribution, not player specific.

    All players in guilds identified as affected will receive a total of 1000 GET1, 1500 GET 2 and 250 Crystals.

    Also, please note the reason some players received a message that appeared to be empty (not containing rewards) is because that message went out to all affected players first, with follow up messages containing the actual rewards.

    Thanks for your patience.
  3. Hi Holotable Heroes,

    Here is a list of some of the upcoming events for November.

    Daily Login Character for November: Boba Fett

  4. Hi Holotable Heroes,
    In the galaxy’s underground lurks all manner of unscrupulous individuals, willing to do what others might find unthinkable for an extra credit. If you have the credits, they have the resolve; our next theme is: Bounty Hunters. There’s a few feats that need some clarification as to what units qualify for them. Once again we’ll also give you an approximate start date for each of the feats so you can prepare.

    Explosives (Appx 11/10)
    • Attempt to apply Thermal Detonators 20 times in Grand Arena
    Lucky Shot (Appx 11/17)
    • Gain Critical Damage Up 20 times in Grand Arena
    Whatever It Takes (Appx 11/03)
    • Win a Grand Arena battle using Aurra Sing and Boba Fett
    • Title: Mercenary
    It Was Just a Job (Appx 11/10)
    • Win a Grand Arena battle using Zam Wesell and Jango Fett
    • Title: Hired Gun
    Trapped in The Box (Appx 11/24)
    • Win a Grand Arena battle using Cad Bane and Embo
    Who Shot First? (Appx 11/14)
    • Win a Grand Arena battle with Han Solo and Greedo
    The Guild (Appx 11/21)
    • Win a Grand Arena battle with The Mandalorian and Greef Karga
    • Awards:
    I Want Them Alive (Appx 11/28)
    • Win a Fleet Arena battle while fielding a combination of 4 non-Capital Bounty Hunter and Empire Ships
    • Title: Reward Seeker
    Do You Like Your Army? (Appx 11/28)
    • Win a Grand Arena battle using Jango Fett, CT-7567 "Rex" and CC-2224 "Cody"
    This Is About Revenge (Appx 11/02)
    • Defeat 6 enemy units in Grand Arena with characters who had ties to the Shadow Collective
    • Qualifying characters: Aurra Sing, Boba Fett, Bossk, Cad Bane, Dengar, Embo, Greedo, IG-88, Jango Fett, Zam Wesell, Qi'ra, Darth Maul, Savage Opress, Mother Talzin, Han Solo, Young Han Solo
    Our Identity (Appx 11/03)
    • Defeat 6 enemy units in Grand Arena with characters who wear Mandalorian armor
    • Qualifying characters: The Mandalorian, Boba Fett, Jango Fett, Sabine Wren, Gar Saxon, Imperial Super Commando
    • Awards:

    See you at the holotables!
  5. Hello Holotable Heroes,

    Over the weekend a bug surfaced preventing some guilds from fully participating in Phase 4 of the LS Geo TB. CG will be distributing the following to the affected players:
    • 500 GET 1
    • 1500 GET 2
    • 250 crystals

    EDIT(10/20/2020 5:30pm): We ran into some technical issues sending out the Make Good today. We are working to get this resolved as soon as possible and will have an update for you tomorrow. Apologies for the inconvenience

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