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  1. Hi Holotable Heroes,

    We are aware of and investigating reports of increased difficulty of Shaak Ti missions in the Geonosis Territory Battle.
  2. Hello Holotable Heroes,

    Here is a list of some of the upcoming events for October 2021.

    Daily Login Character for October: Jango Fett
  3. Hi Holotable Heroes,

    We are aware of an issue with Geonosian Galactic Chase additive drops not being included on some Light Side Normal nodes.

    We are investigating this issue and will have more details tomorrow.
  4. Hi Holotable Heroes,

    The results are in, and the winner of our first Galactic Chase Community Survey is…


    The votes were very close, with a slim margin of victory - less than one percent!

    We appreciate those of you who took the time to make your voice heard. Keep an eye on the forums for more details about the next Galactic Chase Community Survey.

  5. Hi Holotable Heroes,

    You may have noticed alongside our recent update that a new Galactic Chase centered on the Geonosian faction has been announced. We are experimenting with the idea of making Galactic Chases a more frequent event, and rotating the unit(s) that will be featured.

    Which units come next are yet to be determined. Furthermore, we’d like your help in making that decision!

    That’s right, the link provided in this forum post takes you to a survey asking for your input on which units you’d like to see featured in upcoming Galactic Chases. We’ll provide a list of options, and y’all get to vote on which of those options you’d like to chase in future events.

    To start things off, we’re pitting two Capital Ships against each other: Malevolence vs Negotiator.

    Register your vote in the survey link and decide which ship will be October's Galactic Chase.

    Stay tuned to the forums for more details on when the next Galactic Chase will begin!


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